What are woodlands?

    Generally, the term woodland is used to refer to groupings of self-seeded trees, growing under ‘natural’ forest conditions. Ontario’s Forestry Act defines woodlands as supporting a density of at least 250 established (20-centimeter trunk diameter) trees per hectare. Stands of trees featuring smaller‑diameter individuals could still meet the qualities of a woodland, consistent with the definition in the Forestry Act, but would also need to feature a higher tree density.

    As large environmental features even a single woodland can span several ownership types. Despite this, the City’s Woodland Management Strategy will provide direction for the management of woodlands on City‑owned property only.

    How will the Woodland Management Strategy relate to the Urban Forest Master Plan?

    The City’s Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP) will provide the strategic direction to manage the urban forest in response to new challenges and pressures facing urban trees and their management. While woodlands are a critical part of Burlington’s urban forest, the City’s urban forest also encompasses a broad range of other urban tree types, including street trees, park trees, and trees growing on private property. The UFMP will provide management direction related to all of these urban forest components. The Woodland Management Strategy will play an important part in achieving the overall goals and objectives of the UFMP

    Why does Burlington want a Woodland Management Strategy?

    The City of Burlington owns and is responsible for the management of more than 300 hectares of woodlands. The City’s Woodland Management Strategy will, for the first time, deliver a coordinated 20‑year strategy and supporting management plans for individual woodlands. The Strategy will offer the comprehensive direction necessary to properly inform management of woodland health and diversity, risk, resilience, and sustainable practices.

    How can I get more information about woodland management in Burlington?

    The City’s Urban Forestry Section is responsible for the City’s ongoing operations and maintenance of municipally owned trees and woodlands, forest planning and health, and forest protection. Learn more about their work at getinvolvedburlington.ca/forestry.