Thank you to all of those who participated in our website navigation testing

Testing was completed by a total of 207 valid participants. An ideal navigation (Treejack) study should have at least 50 participants or more who have completed the entire study with over 50+ completed tasks (not skipped).

Navigation (Treejack) testing was conducted to test the effectiveness of the proposed redesigned navigation by determining how easily a participant could locate different pages that align with top tasks. A task’s score includes its rate of success, meaning that it was correctly selected by a participant, as well as its directness, which measures how quickly a participant got to the correct answer. Out of all the tasks completed by external participants, 83% chose a correct answer and 80% of answers were chosen without backtracking.

We will use these test results and additional comments provided to further refine our redesigned site navigation and website content.

Next Steps

Follow this project page as we continue with our website renewal and relaunch. Next steps will involve a full website content audit and webpage content rewriting. Rewriting webpages will focus on providing relevant and accessible content to improve search engine results and readability scores.

Future engagement opportunities will involve providing feedback on options for our sites redesigned homepage and interior page layouts in 2022 prior to a site relaunch.

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