Jury Selection - Proposal for Regal Road Bridge Public Art

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey regarding proposals for public art at Regal Road Bridge.

The jury has selected bau & cos studio's proposal.

Artist Statement

Through changing seasons and everyday mundane activities, the Bride on the Tuck is the background, yet gateway to the community.

From the bridge, we watch trucks and cars quickly swerving onto Regal Road. Evidently, the QEW spews into Walkers Line, and then trickles onto the bridge. Lateral to the witness driving, we watch guardians and toddlers strolling; students running home for lunch; and dogs walking with their owners, while small urban animals scurry away ahead of them.

The catalyst for our concept comes from people watching on the bridge. Our proposed panels are silhouettes of children, adults, and animals in motion with their day-to-day activities.

The artwork will promote three important aspects for the neigbourhood:

By using silhouettes, this will inform the drivers that children and families are actively using the neighbourhood. The colour green guides the driver with caution on the road.

Domestic and wildlife animals help thrive the ecosystem of Tuck Creek. Our purposed panels will stimulate explorative adventures with friends and families.

Since there are physical relations between the silhouettes and community, this will be a fun, relatable and interactive piece for everyone.

The bridge is a bearer of all stories for this growing community in Burlington. By capturing snippets of life on Regal Road, we hope our artwork develops into timeless illustrations for years to come.

To learn more about bau & ćos visit: www.bauandcos.com

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Consultation has concluded

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