Burlington Rural Active Transportation Plan - Final Report

Burlington’s rural area is host to a mix of uses, from agricultural and industrial to residential communities, and ecological areas. The escarpment running
through the area provides for a unique, hilly landscape. Not only do people in
the area want to get around and explore their area, people from Burlington and
the Greater Toronto Area all want to be able to access and enjoy the landscape
and opportunities that the area provides. Access to and through the area is not
always easy as existing roads are designed primarily to support car traffic.
The Burlington Rural Active Transportation Plan is intended to provide a
framework for how the City can support people accessing and moving through
the rural area by walking and cycling. The COVID-19 pandemic saw more people
than ever looking for opportunities to explore the areas around them, and a bike
boom where people are cycling more and more. Improving access for people
using active transportation will help to reduce dependence on cars, providing a
more equitable transportation system.

During the planning process, the public was engaged on if and how they use
active transportation in the rural area, and what kinds of improvements they want to see. The plan builds on this feedback by supporting people taking their dog for a walk, to people getting exercise, and people wanting to be able to more easily get to the Bruce Trail and Greenbelt routes. Feedback from people all across Burlington showed support for the plan recommendations and interest in the City taking initiative to support active transportation users.

The plan considers the different types of users who use active transportation in the rural area, including people of all ages and abilities as well as recreational users, to develop recommendations to suite both kinds of users. This will enable new opportunities for people who may not currently feel safe or comfortable to access the rural area. It will also support and improve conditions for the people who are already using the area.

The recommendations from this plan will be used along with the Cycling Plan
to inform the City’s Integrated Mobility Plan which will provide a strategic, coordinated approach for planning and designing the City’s transportation systems.

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