Better Transit - 2019 September Changes

2019 is your year to discover better transit in Burlington.

Burlington Transit is proposing changes to the transit system as part of a multi-year implementation of new routes, schedules and frequency.

The objectives for changes this year include:

  • Moving to a grid network - A grid network operates buses on major roads in east-west and north-south directions. In a grid network, some customers may have to walk further to a bus stop but their bus will run more often 
  • Move to the south side of the Burlington GO Station – Operate buses along Fairview Street and have Burlington Transit buses use the bus loop off Fairview Street
  • Reduce route duplication – Remove routes that cover the same roads as other routes 
  • Improve frequency of routes – Increase frequency on routes that travel along main roads
Before starting the survey, please read the 2019 September Proposed Changes Handout.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.