March 2018 Survey Results

over 1 year ago

Between March 5 - 26, 2018, Burlington Transit collected public feedback through an online survey. A total of 867 responses were received.

Survey Results - Highlights

Of those that completed the survey, 92% live in Burlington; 53% work in Burlington; 60% are transit riders; and 37% are non transit riders interested in riding transit in the future.

Key trends

Throughout the survey responses, customers told us they are looking for:

  • Higher frequency of buses
  • Extended hours to get them home from work and evenings out
  • Routes that are efficient and compete with car trip times
  • Better timing of connections within the city and with GO trains.


The respondents that use Burlington Transit, rated our services as:

Very Good



  • Finding bus schedule/times
  • Accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Cleanliness of buses
  • Comfort of buses
  • Safety and security
  • Transit operators
  • Location of bus stops
  • Bus arriving on time
  • Cleanliness of bus shelters
  • Comfort of bus shelters
  • Connections provided to other transportation systems, e.g. GO station
  • Wait time for buses
  • Ease of transferring between bus routes

Fares, trip planning and where people go

  • More respondents use the PRESTO card than cash to pay for their bus trips
  • Respondents do their trip planning using:
    1. A downloaded PDF schedule
    2. Google Trip Planner
    3. Burlington Transit Planner
    4. Schedule signs posted at bus stops.
  • Top destinations for riders included the GO stations, the mall and their work
  • Top destinations for non-riders included the GO stations, the mall and restaurants